About us

Dr. Srinivas Badithela – Founder, Director and CEO

Dr. Srinivas is a PhD in Chemical Engineering from IIT
Bombay, India and over 30+ Years of extensive
experience with Premier Oil Companies (Saudi Aramco
and ADNOC) in Middle East, JV Refineries, Multinational
Companies and Technology Organizations in India, He
has held various positions in the Industry /Technology
companies and successfully implemented large scale
complex technology projects with significant potential
economic benefits. He is known for evangelizing best
practices, technology implementations and driving
continuous improvement for Business Excellence.

Dr. Srinivas Badithela - Founder, Director and CEO

Mrs. Uma Radha Badithela – Director

Mrs. Uma Radha Badithela - Director

Mrs. Uma Radha holds a Masters in Structural
Engineering from JNT University, Hyderabad and over 17
Years of extensive experience of Teaching and Training in
higher educational institutions affiliated to various
leading Universities in India. She has taught structural
engineering for graduating students, handled
consulting/testing assignments for leading public sector
and private sector organizations. She has significant
administrative, human resources management, Technical
content development experience and successfully
established the Greenfield Department and associated
experimental facilities at University level

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We bring more than 40 years’ senior experience forging
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