Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services are high level Expert Services / Advisory Services, rendered through specific business contracts to address specific Business Challenges. 

PROSYTWIN extends the following services:

Strategic Business Plan provides the Vision, Direction and Roadmap for Progressive Development of a Business Organization and an Important base for Business Operations. In addition, Business Proposals or Business Ideas or Strategy Proposals/ Strategic ideas require to be duly evaluated and assessed for their potential to generate adequate business interest to the company. Such assessments or evaluations call for a reliable preliminary Business Evaluation Studies, which form very important part in the Organizational Business Strategy. 

PROSYTWIN has extensive experience in the strategic business planning, Techno/Economic Evaluations, high level Initial Business Assessment of the strategic options, which would provide a strong base for Consolidating the Organizational Business Strategy / Organizational Investment Options, saving millions of dollars in the overall efforts; PROSYTWIN offers on-site and remote services for conducting Business Studies and offers the following consulting services:

Strategic Feasibility Studies help to evaluate the strategy options in a comprehensive manner (360 Degree evaluation) with required due diligence and firmly establish the business potential for an investment strategy.  PROSYTWIN has extensive experience in the feasibility studies and can provide reliable consulting services for the entire feasibility study and can extend services as a Consultant /In-charge /PMC for the feasibility study project covering feasibility study planning, coordination with stakeholders (engineering agencies, process technology providers), technology evaluation and selection, techno-economic evaluation of various process configurations, evaluation of various available alternatives, investment options and overall business potential assessment etc. It would help in the consolidation of business strategy, optimizing the investment strategy and also helps in avoiding wrong investments early in the process, thus providing significant economic benefits (saving of millions of dollars for a large-scale project) in the overall efforts.

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