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OTS systems are extremely useful for Operator Training in the Process Industry. OTS systems deployment and effective utilization reduces the man-hours required for training. Maintaining the OTS Models/OTS Systems is extremely important.

PROSYTWIN provides comprehensive range of services in the OTS speciality area.

One of the popular and specific utilization of Dynamic Simulation Technology is Operator Training. Simplified, high-fidelity dynamic models that mimic the process behaviour are widely popular, being used in practice for Operators Training across various industries.  The purpose of Operator Training Simulator (OTS) is to provide a replica of the plant they simulate, which can be loaded into pre-defined states and operated without any risks or any consequences associated with real plant operations.  The operator can study a number of possibilities and understand the plant behaviour.

An OTS is an excellent tool for training new operators by immersing operators in the environment that they are expected to work, allowing for them to develop a familiarity with the control systems, the expected response to manipulation, and the consequences of incorrect operation without putting the operation at risk. The ability to jump to a specific state of operation reduces downtime during training, and allows for the observation of a trained operator at any time instead of waiting for a particular operation to be required within the physical plant. The utilization of an Operator Training Simulator, therefore, has the potential to reduce training duration for new operators, the man-hours required by the assisting staff and trainer, and improve comprehension by reducing the level of abstraction required to apply the training to its real-world application.

Operator Training Simulators (OTS) are normally deployed during the pre-commissioning stage of new facilities, during the normal operations for training new and less experienced operators as part of the systematic, planned training programs. The OTS systems (updated and up to date) are extremely useful for skill enhancement /competency enhancement and build the expertise among the operating personnel. Maintaining the OTS Models/OTS Systems to represent the on-going operations is extremely important.

PROSYTWIN has extensive, long years of experience in Dynamic Simulation, Controllability Analysis, Controllability Studies, Large Scale OTS Projects Monitoring /Implementation, OTS Projects Management, Remote Centre OTS Teams Operations Management and Delivery. PROSYTWIN offers the following expert services with comprehensive range of solutions through REMOTE location as well as ON-SITE services mode:

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