Value Engineering and Design Optimization Services

Value Engineering deals with economic optimization opportunities in the Green Field /Brown Field projects without diluting on plant yields, design targets, product quality, environmental and safety targets, provides significant savings to the Company. PROSYTWIN provides the following services in the Value Engineering and Design Optimization Areas :

Value Engineering Optimization

Value Engineering and Optimization acquires importance when the progressive companies strive to address the business challenges and optimize the new investments /projects which are at various stages of implementation.  A dedicated due diligence value engineering optimization study would identify list of opportunities in the Green Field / Brown Field Projects which are at various stages of Engineering, and also various minor /major projects which are planned for implementation.  In some cases, Value Engineering Optimization deals with the evaluation and optimization of Engineering designs as part of stage gate review, in order to identify areas /opportunities that could minimize the overall cost of the project during the course of project engineering phase. In addition, the efforts will ensure overall capital and operating expenditure optimization without diluting the project goals and maintains the operating facility yields /production capabilities along with operational effectiveness.

PROSYTWIN has extensive experience in the economic optimization, process engineering, techno-economic evaluations, stage gate reviews and would provide expert services in the Value Engineering and Optimization. 

Process Engineering Design Optimization

Process Engineering Design involves detailed analysis of various design options to meet the plant production targets and product quality specifications.  PROSYTWIN Team has extensive experience in the process modeling and simulation, dynamic simulation, engineering analysis, process design optimization of heat exchangers, various types of distillation columns (Batch, Continuous, Side Stream, Divide Wall Columns etc.) design and optimization, engineering analysis of various designs, plant wide analysis of the design choices, controllability assessment at the design stage, integrated design and control of azeotropic towers, CDU, FCC, BTX Plant, Refinery Gas Tail, Caustic Chlorine plants, DAP Plants, Nitric Acid Plants etc. 

PROSYTWIN can provide the expert consulting services /support services for advanced engineering analysis, process design optimization, engineering design review services etc..

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