Digital Twins

Digital Twins are virtual counter parts of the process plant.  Digital Twins are helpful in the optimization efforts, continuous improvement and transformation towards Operational Excellence.

For process plants, Digital Twins (Aka Simulation Models) are the virtual counterparts of the physical objects (process plants). They represent the behavioural characteristics of the process plant, developed based on the fundamental physical, thermodynamic and kinetic principles of the process, which can be further utilized in various business applications such as strategic feasibility studies, Pre-FEED value-engineering optimization, techno-economic evaluations, design and optimization, detailed process analysis, sensitivity studies, debottlenecking, performance improvement, planning optimization, profit improvement, operational excellence and business excellence efforts.  In some applications, Digital Twins utilize the operational data collected from process plants, some of the data through soft sensors to represent the plant conditions.

PROSYTWIN has extensive experience in the area and provides individual unit, complete plant, hybrid models and appropriate tailor-made solutions utilizing the commercially available simulation platforms – Aspen Plus, Aspen HYSYS, PRO/II, gPROMS, CHEMCAD, UNISIM, Design II etc.

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